What is a Commercial Records Center?

Commercial records centers are businesses that exist in almost every community that generally provide three levels of service to governmental, non-profit, corporate or firm organizational clients; storage, retrieval, and other professional records management services. 


charges are based on the cubic foot as the lowest common denominator. Boxes range in size from as small as a shoebox to as large as a shipping carton. The standard in the industry is the 1.2 cubic foot letter/legal storage carton. It allows filing of letter size files in one dimension or legal size files in the other dimension. It is rare that the cost of in-house storage systems can beat the price or convenience of a commercial records center for inactive records. 


Our services include retrieval of documents, files or cartons, and delivery to the end user. As well as, pickup and re-file back into the original filing system at the commercial records center. We use barcodes to track the activity of cartons and files.


records management services vary from commercial records center to center. However we  offer the services of indexing, retention scheduling, destruction and records management consultation.

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