Types of Records


  • A record which is regularly referred to and required for current use


  • A record or information requiring protection against unauthorized disclosure


  • A record open, by law or custom, to public inspection


  • A record that does not have to be readily available, but which must be kept for legal or historical purposes


  • A record on the records retention and disposition schedules for routine destruction, as it has no predictable value to the organization after its initial use


  • Eligible for immediate destruction


  • A record which is legally recognized as establishing some fact.


  • Information which is required by law to be retained indefinitely or which has been designated for continuous preservation because of reference, historical, or administrative significance


  • A record that is infrequently referred to and is not in active use. A semi­-active record is often removed to a lower cost holding or storage area


A record containing information essential for:

  • Emergency operations during a disaster;

  • The resumption and/or continuance of operations

  • The  re-establishment  of  the legal, financial and/or functional status of the organization


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